Total Domination IPA, Ninkasi Brewery

Brewery Link

Location:  Eugene, OR

Alcohol Percentage:  6.7%

DeWayne found toasted grains with a woodsy smell.  It has the smell of the outdoors.  Grass and pine all the way.  The smell is confirmed in the taste with a follow up of citrus.  Its bitter through and through with a bite that lingers at the back of the mouth.  DeWayne found it to taste like damp grass.  Its carbonated with tiny bubbles but doesn’t feel particularly effervescent.

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Denogginizer Imperial IPA, Drakes Brewery

Brewery Link

Location: San Leandro, CA

Alcohol Percentage:  9.75%

Imperial IPA refers to a double IPA (which also means higher alcohol percentage).  Danny thought it smelled tropical with guava and pineapple.  Elliott smells Liberty Ale from anchor.   He kept saying malt….sugary….sweetness.  I know its out there but smoked pineapple.  Rico found the beer bitter.  It lingered on the sides of his mouth.  Danny tasted peaches.  Elliott tasted caramel bitterness with a floral aftertaste.

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Aroma Coma IPA, Drakes Brewing

Brewery Link

Location:  San Leandro, CA

Alcohol Percentage: 6.75%

This is Drakes Summer Seasonal IPA.  It has 75 IBU’s and took home the honor of top 3 beers at the local IPA festival this year.  Danny found lemon and rosemary.  I smelled mandarin and fruit.  The taste gave way to stone fruits and guava with bitter hops all the way through.  Danny tasted cherry and what he described as “Christmas Tree (Pines).”  The hops linger on the top of the mouth.  A full bodied and well balanced hi-hop IPA.

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Hop Riot IPA, Highwater Brewing

Brewery Link
Location:   San Leandro, CA
Alcohol Percentage: 7.3%

Josh smelled pineapple and found it very sweet. I smelled guavas and a general fruitiness as well. Highly carbonated. The bitters are definitely present upon taste (a few minutes after the pour they showed up in the nose.   Josh says “there are a lot of hops”.  The taste evades the fruit so present in the smell. Josh described the look of it as turbid. The bitter lingers on your tongue.

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Sculpin IPA, Ballast Point

Brewery Link

Location:  San Diego, CA

Alcohol Percentage: 7.0%

Pours light orange amber with a nice head.  Smells of fruit.  Danny picked up a tropical scent.  The melon in right in front.  Very smooth first sip with only a tingle of carbonation.  The taste is subtle at first and after a long linger the taste of fruit and malt appear.  The bitter hops of the IPA are present but in no way overpowering.  70 IBU’s

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Casey Jones IPA, Iron Springs Brewery

Brewery Link

Location:  Fairfax, CA

Alcohol Percentage:  9.0%

Mia smelled apricots and guava.  “It’s damn fruity,” she says.  I smelled grapefruit but for the most part the scent was very light.  Mia tasted citrus rinds the bitterness of the generous hops and immediately felt the alcohol.  It tasted a bit woody with a pleasant malt balance for all of the hops.

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Boundary Bay IPA, Boundary Bay Brewing

Brewery Link

Location:  Bellingham, WA

Alcohol Percentage:  6.4%

Sarah says “It smells like good perfume.  I would wear it.”  Caramel and hops with a bit of coffee like flavor.  Crisp but not to hoppy, it has bite but doesn’t take a piece of you with it.

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