Dicks Beer Imperial IPA, Dick’s Brewing

Brewery Link

Location:  Centralia Washington

Alcohol Percentage:  8.6%

While on vacation outside of Seattle on Vashon Island, I stopped by the Vashon Thriftway to find an amazing selection of beer.  The beer buyer insisted I try Dicks Imperial IPA (It was not only his favorite but only sold in Vashon).  Don found it to be a hearty brew.  I smelled a touch of orange in addition to the hop.  Joan found it a bit strong for her taste.  I thought the spicy hops were well balanced with a delicious malt.  This beer is made entirely from Columbus Hops and Don and I agreed had a woodsy/piney taste.  It leaves a bit of a sting on the back of your toungue.  Sarah refused to comment.

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Eurige DoppelSticke, Eurige Brewery

Brewery Link

Location:  Dusseldor, Germany

Alcohol Percentage: 8.5%

Smells of yeast and toasted malt.  Brown in color, quick head dissipation and mild carbonation.  The smells lead gives way to a powerful taste of toasted malt and chocolate.  DeWayne said it best, “The palette does not confirm the nose.”  I kept coming back to nuts and toffee to describe the flavor.  I love the bottle.

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Allagash Curieux, Allagash Brewing

Brewery Link

Location:  Portland, Maine

Alcohol Percentage: 11%

Made in extremely small batches, this was one of the bottles made in April of 2011.  Sarah had saved it for someone special.  Aged in oak barrels the beer is imparted with a distinct taste and character.  Curieux means curious, unusual or interesting in French.  Sarah smelled sweet but found the smell to be faint compared to the taste.  I found cream soda, and upon tasting it found the oaky vanilla flavors the beer is known for.  The brewers suggests a food pairing with creme brulee, cheesecake or BBQ sauce.

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Ovila Dubbel, Sierra Nevada Brewery

Brewery Link

Alcohol Percentage: 7.5%

Location:  Chico, CA

The Ovila beers are part of a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and the Abbey of New Clairvaux.  The monastery, home to monks since the 1180 AD. was shipped to CA in the 30’s where it began to crumble into ruins.  Inspired by the rich history of monks and brewing, Sierra Nevada will give a portion of the proceeds of Ovila to the restoration of this beautiful stone abbey.

The beer is a copper tone with a large head.  Smells of subtly of flowers and spices (cloves, pepper).  It drinks very evenly with a strong taste of caramelized sugars.  Nothing pulls the beer in any one direction.  The alcohol, malt, yeast and hops are all balanced evenly into a delicious, restrained double.

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Witte, Ommegang Brewery

Brewery Link

Location: Cooperstown, NY

Alcohol Percentage: 5.1%

Lemon is at the forefront of this beer.  Reminds me of a mignonette, with parsley and  shallots.  This is designed for a warm summer day.  It is a Belgian Style white ale.  All of us (MJC, Larry, ZZ) found it light and sweet, full of citrus and hidden herb accents.

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Seven, Upright Brewery

Brewery Link

Alcohol Percentage: 8%

Location: Portland, OR

This golden beer is made to pair with foods with strong aromas.  I found rosemary and sage.  ZZ called it herbaceous.  Much more floral then number their number four.  MJC found cloves and an allspice finish.  Larry engaged the light lingering bitterness.  A strong saison, the number seven is a perfumed taste of summer.

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Four, Upright Brewery

Brewery Link

Alcohol Percentage: 4.5%

Location:  Portland, OR

We started our morning with this light delight.  The brewery loaded this beer with light, wheat malts with the intention of pairing it with breads and cheeses.  Sourness and Tart says MJC.  Green apples with an almost cider taste (Larry).  Larry also found the dry finish (which he found on the label).  Great for a hot day with the taste of fruit.  It almost has the feeling of a dessert beer.  ZZ noticed the fine bubbles and pear notes.  Tart with a citrus finish.

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